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La AI y su Impacto Revolucionario en las ventas y el marketing

The current trend in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) sales shows significant growth and innovation. According to McKinsey, artificial intelligence and machine learning are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in marketing and sales, particularly with the evolution of generative AI (gen AI), which is penetrating the front lines of sales and seeing increased investment by sales technologies. Forbes also highlights that with the emergence of AI tools, marketing and sales departments can significantly improve their effectiveness.

Gartner notes that AI can improve sales processes, identify sales opportunities, solve sales challenges and increase overall sales performance. This reality has led sales organizations to show a strong interest in AI, with 88% of sales managers actively researching AI. In addition, Salesforce is integrating AI into every CRM and customer experience application, enabling its customers to apply AI, data and CRM to connect with their customers in new and more effective ways.

In summary, the current trend in sales with AI is toward the adoption and integration of AI tools into sales and marketing strategies, seeking to improve customer relationships and the efficiency of sales operations.

Artificial Intelligence in Sales and Marketing

Discover how Artificial Intelligence is redefining sales and marketing strategies, increasing efficiency and transforming the customer experience. Explore the latest AI trends and tools that are shaping the future of CRM and business engagement.

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